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Fundraising for Community Radio in Nepal

19 Jun , 2015   Video

Hindenburg Systems, the company behind the great #mojo app Hindenburg Field Recorder, are supporting community radio stations in Nepal. They have teamed up with „Cultural Survival“, an organization that advocates indigenous rights and supports communities around the globe to create their own media channels. The Hindenburg campaign aims at buying generators and supplies to get radio stations in Nepal on air again, after the devastating series of earthquakes starting April 25th 2015. We like the campaign, and maybe you do to.


Just a thought

Can Youtube Newswire replace TV news?

18 Jun , 2015   Video

Storyful and Youtube have started their joint project „Newswire“ today: a stream of user generated Youtube clips, prioritized with regard to the news agenda, found in the web and verified (so they say) by Storyful. The leading clip today shows Charleston AME church pastor Clementa Pinckney, who was killed by a gunmen together with eight members of his congregation. Other videos show reactions on the streets to the Charleston shooting, Flooding in Oklahoma, latest pictures from the Syrian war, and other news. So, is Youtube Newswire any good?

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Overvoice? So yesterday.

10 Jun , 2015   Video

I´ve talked about mobile journalism and its implications to media students at Hamburg University yesterday. I showed them this example of what Al Jazeera´s young offspring AJ+.net did in Ferguson: shaky mobile video, very rough edit, hardly audible sound (compensated by subtitles), text captions instead of overvoice. First comment of a young student? „Much more authentic, much more credible, because the reporter doesn´t tell me what to think.“ Is overvoice so yesterday?

By the way, none of those Hamburg millenials reads a printed newspaper anymore, but three quarters of them are desperately interested in news. Is there hope? I don´t know: Only a handful of them wanted to become journalists – the outlook for the profession was to gloomy, they thought.