10 reasons for square video

19 Mai , 2015  

Remember when people driving a car in the early 1920s where called „joyriders“? That was because a majority didn´t believe cars would prevail. But shortly afterwards, the pedestrians where called „jaywalkers“, and they became the minority on the streets. So what about this fight between horizontal (the good, the wonderful) and vertical (video syndrome version of) video? Is it possible that square video has a chance?

Here are 10 reasons why it might.


1. Some people think it might have a chance.


2. Vine and Instagram use square video, even the Twitter App shoots square video.


3. There are Apps for square video, like Video Squarer and Square Your Videos (on Android) or Squareready and Crop Video Square (on iOs). Not to forget beautiful PicPlayPost. And with its recent update, the non-plus-ultra FilmicPro has added a square video option.


4. With Meerkat and Periscope shooting vertical, will horizontal video stand a chance on mobile?


5. The BBC´s internet coverage of the 2015 General Election was mainly consumed on mobile devices. So horizontal video might turn out to be a bit out of fashion looking at how people use their mobiles. (Sorry, TV.)


6. Without square video, during breaking news you might have to produce both formats, vertical and horizontal. One example: When TV show „Germany´s Next Top Model“ was aborted due to a bomb threat, tabloid reporter Daniel Cremer first did some reporting on Periscope:  

On BILD Online, his recorded stream didn´t look so well. So he had to do another video, this time horizontal – quite time consuming. And square video would serve both platforms, mobile and desktop / TV.


7. We might not want to hear it, but one could say that our faces are (yes, beautiful, but also) a bit square (mine is).


8. Some photographers find between three and five reasons why square images have „so much charm“. And it´s not only about the rule of thirds.


9. Everything is better than vertical. And: Is square video really so bad?


10. And hey, it´s hip to be square.


19.6.2015: Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk MDR has answered the format question quite cleverly – they do both at the same time, horizontal AND vertical (picture (c) MDR).




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