Just a thought, MoJo

Overvoice? So yesterday.

10 Jun , 2015   Video

I´ve talked about mobile journalism and its implications to media students at Hamburg University yesterday. I showed them this example of what Al Jazeera´s young offspring AJ+.net did in Ferguson: shaky mobile video, very rough edit, hardly audible sound (compensated by subtitles), text captions instead of overvoice. First comment of a young student? „Much more authentic, much more credible, because the reporter doesn´t tell me what to think.“ Is overvoice so yesterday?

By the way, none of those Hamburg millenials reads a printed newspaper anymore, but three quarters of them are desperately interested in news. Is there hope? I don´t know: Only a handful of them wanted to become journalists – the outlook for the profession was to gloomy, they thought.


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