Let´s Talk #Mojo

5 Jul , 2015   Video

What a wonderful hour: #Mojo heavyweights talking about why #Mojo matters, how it will (and must) change storytelling, what limitations mobile journalists encounter (and how they overcome them), and what special skills a #mojo needs. The panel was part of Netzwerk Recherche´s annual conference, Germany´s biggest meeting of investigative (and other) journalists. On the panel were Glen B. Mulcahy, organizer of @Mojocon and long time #Mojo-trainer, Nick Garnett, who has been reporting for the BBC with nothing but his iPhone since 2009, Wytse Vellinga, a #mojo reporter for the Frisian broadcasting service in The Netherlands, and me. The video was a Periscope live broadcast, is therfore vertical and lasts for about an hour.


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