Hamburg, MoJo

Android, iPhone, Lumia – music brings them all together!

2 Dez , 2015   Video

It was a little experiment. I met Torben Tietz at a sofa concert my wonderful wife organized for my birthday (must have been the 23rd or so this year). Torben played a great gig in our garden – and made me think of how I could bring two passions together: music and #mojo. Not so difficult: We agreed to film a music video for one of his songs at his little studio in Hamburg, at „106Hz„. I used four smartphones – two Androids (Nexus 6, Honor 7), an iPhone 6 and a Lumia 930. And no, the room didn´t explode when they all met. The opposite happened: It all went smoothly and harmonic (with the iPhone being responsible for the need of some last-minute transcoding before editing on laptop with Premiere Pro). Torben made it easy choosing a black and white video so I had no problems with colour matching. I filmed with FilmicPro, the FilmicPro Beta for Android and CinemaFV5. On Lumia, I used the generic Windows camera. I enjoyed it (so much that we even recorded a second video, see below) – hope you will, too.


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