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Newsroom 360 with Theta S

28 Jan , 2016   Video

At NDR Hamburg, I have played around with Ricoh´s Theta S a little – a consumer, easy to handle 360 camera for just under 400 €. The results are best viewed on mobile phones as you get the nice feeling of really looking around in the room. Make sure you watch it in best resolution (1080p – sometimes you might have to change youtube settings). The sound was recorded seperately on a mobile phone with Rode SmartLav+ and EasyVoiceRecorder. The whole package was assembled with (yes!) Windows Movie Maker. A quick workflow actually, and one that worked quite well. In my experience, it´s rather about longer shots and scenes to be able to explore a room, and about walking around in the picture. This little experiment consits of only two transitions, three scenes in about 1´30 minutes.


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