True #Mojo

27 Apr , 2015   Video

RTE´s Philip Bromwell has truly made a nice little mobile journalism piece today: Beautiful pictures and nice soundbites dipped in beautiful sunlight – all about the Great South Wall, who was build 300 years ago to protect Dublin harbour. What is remarkable about Philip´s piece?

First of all, he shot it competely on iPhone 6+ – and you can tell. Because the little piece to camera Philip does shows a shadow – iphone 6+, the tripod and the cable. Secondly, RTE has no problems at all to put the story out on vimeo, and also to link out to a nice Storehouse package Philipp did on the Great South Wall. I´m impressed. By everything. Epecially by the shadow though.

Philip Bromwell iPhoneClose

I asked Philip via Twitter, if he (surely!) did this on purpose. His answer could not be any more humble (again, true #mojo…):


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