„Mobile journalism brings you closer to your story. It´s less intrusive, helps to open up people. It offers new perspectives, and: It´s not rocket science.“

Björn is a staff reporter with NDR / ARD German Television. He is head of NDR´s „NextNewsLab“ and has been leading NDR´s innovation in Mobile Journalism for over three years now. He has trained colleagues at NDR, students (Queen Mary College London, Universität Göttingen, HTW Chur), corporate professionals and journalists abroad (in own seminars and with BBC Media Action). He regularly speaksat conferences, including Mojocon, re.publika and others. He wrote the textbook „Mobiler Journalismus“ and is currently preparing an updated version in English together with dutch #Mojo fellow Wytse Vellinga.

Björn is a trained Video Journalists and has worked as foreign correspondent for ARD German TV in London. He reported on the Brexit, Trump´s election and protests surrounding the G20 summit in Hamburg in 2017.




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