There are plenty of great websites of even greater #mojos out there. Here are some that I love and know.

TVVJGlen Mulcahy´s Blog „Mobile and Video Journalism Technology Blog“ is the non-plus-ultra if you are looking for the latest ideas and technology for VJs and mobile journalists. Glen has pioneered mobile journalism and works as a #mojo trainer around the world. He as also founded MoJoCon, the first and very succesful conference on mobile journalism.

NickGArnettNicholas Garnett is one of the first journalists to regularly use his Smartphone for reporting. Nick is a regular reporter with BBC 5 Live but also appears on Television (BBC News and other programmes). He has used is iPhone after the earthquakes in Nepal, during the refugee crisis in Calais and on many other occasions.

Wytsemobile-storytelling.com is Wytse Vellinga´s Blog. He works for the Frisian Broadcasting Service in The Netherlands. Wytse has started mobile journalism with his Windows Lumia phone when others still thought only iPhones would work well for television – and he proved them wrong.

SmartfilmingFlorian Reichart is another #mojo afficionado who doesn´t believe in the „iPhone-only“-doctrine. Florian (@smartfilming) has experimented with many Android phones and also gives Windows phones a good chance.

And here are some more (to be continued):