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Overvoice? So yesterday.

10 Jun , 2015   Video

I´ve talked about mobile journalism and its implications to media students at Hamburg University yesterday. I showed them this example of what Al Jazeera´s young offspring AJ+.net did in Ferguson: shaky mobile video, very rough edit, hardly audible sound (compensated by subtitles), text captions instead of overvoice. First comment of a young student? „Much more authentic, much more credible, because the reporter doesn´t tell me what to think.“ Is overvoice so yesterday?

By the way, none of those Hamburg millenials reads a printed newspaper anymore, but three quarters of them are desperately interested in news. Is there hope? I don´t know: Only a handful of them wanted to become journalists – the outlook for the profession was to gloomy, they thought.

Hamburg, MoJo

Summer (yes!) in Hamburg

5 Jun , 2015   Video

A little bit of mobile journalism: Filmed with FilmicPro on iPhone5 with iRigPre & Rode NTG1, edited and overvoiced on location with iMovie. Took about 2 hours.


10 reasons for square video

19 Mai , 2015  

Remember when people driving a car in the early 1920s where called „joyriders“? That was because a majority didn´t believe cars would prevail. But shortly afterwards, the pedestrians where called „jaywalkers“, and they became the minority on the streets. So what about this fight between horizontal (the good, the wonderful) and vertical (video syndrome version of) video? Is it possible that square video has a chance?

Here are 10 reasons why it might. Read On…


My #mojoset.

15 Mai , 2015  

My #mojoset.


Was kommt (oder schon ist)

13 Mai , 2015  


Columbia Journalism Review on“ Journalism’s emerging platforms“ – interesting read…



True #Mojo

27 Apr , 2015   Video

RTE´s Philip Bromwell has truly made a nice little mobile journalism piece today: Beautiful pictures and nice soundbites dipped in beautiful sunlight – all about the Great South Wall, who was build 300 years ago to protect Dublin harbour. What is remarkable about Philip´s piece?
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Grip for every beast

23 Apr , 2015   Video


There´s an interesting project on kickstarter, seeking funding for another 24 hours: Beastgrip. It´s a very flexible smartphone rig for attaching tripods, lenses, lights and everything. The great thing: Beastgrip can hold nearly every smartphone. It comes for around 100 US-Dollars when it ships from June. I had in in my hands at NAB 2015, quite a sturdy piece!


Gear, MoJo

Klein, stark, leicht

15 Apr , 2015  

Bei Benro habe ich ein wunderbares Stativ für #MoJo gefunden: das „Aero 2„. Die Füße falten nach oben, also quasi neben den Stativkopf. Das macht es klein im Transport. Und leicht ist es auch: gerade 2 Kg.

I found a nice tripod at NAB in Las Vegas: the „Aero 2„, made by Benro. It folds neatly and is a light weight: only 2 kg.


Diese Drone streamt GoPro live in HD

15 Apr , 2015  

Auf der NAB Show in Las Vegas vorgestellt: Die 3DR „Solo“.


Water Crisis in Nevada

14 Apr , 2015   Video

Just a little mit of tourism mojo on iPhone5 with PicPlayPost.